Closing permits in South Florida is a process sometimes best left to an expert. The last thing you want is to have the purchase of a building or home halted because of permit issues. Finding an open permit or even an expired permit can often be easily resolved with the right help. 


Peter Nunez has a team of experts at Close Permits Fast who are on call to expedite this process for you.


If you’re buying a home, most lending institutions won’t approve the sale until all open and expired permits are closed. It’s not uncommon for people to find out about permits and have issues with permits until after they’ve already started the process. So getting this done, beforehand definitely helps. No matter what, we can help you with closing permits in just a few days! 

More About Permits

An open permit and an expired permit each have unique problems you need to overcome. Some are more challenging than others with expired permits causing the most headaches. Let’s discuss the differences between the two, starting with the open permit – the easiest problem to solve when closing permits.

Open Permits Explained And Resolved.

An open permit is an active permit that has not yet been signed off by the inspector. The permit was either issued or last inspected less than 180 days ago. Often the contractor simply made an oversight and failed to close the permit.


We will contact the contractor who was issued the permit and ensure the work is complete and the building can be inspected. Even if the company is no longer in business, closing permits like this often can still be done quickly.

Expired Closing Permits Can Be Very Challenging.

An expired permit is no longer active because it has been more than 180 days since it was issued. It could also mean that it has been more than 180 since the last inspection for the issued permit. No work applicable to the contract can be performed. Also, no inspection can be done under the permit. 


There are several scenarios that can result in expired permits. However, it is always because of some form of negligence by the contractor working under that permit. In order for you to be able to close the deal, expired permits need to be addressed and fixed.


Our main goal is to ensure that closing permits like these cause you the least amount of frustration. Our expertise will come into play and are key in saving you time and money. We will expedite the process and get the work done.


The most common reasons for expired permits:


  1. Failing the inspection – The contractor did not adhere to South Florida building codes.
  2. Unfinished work – It could be the person or company that hired the contractor never paid them. Maybe the contractor went out of business. It could be that they ran over budget and couldn’t afford to complete the job. No matter the reason, the permit ran its course and is now expired.
  3. Missing the final inspection – The final walk-through was never done by the inspector. Maybe the work took longer than expected and it is now past 180 days. This is something we can remedy in a very short time.

Closing Permits Is Our Specialty And Our Area Of Expertise.

Close Permits Fast is the one to call if you’re having trouble closing permits for your real estate transaction. We have over 15 years of building and zoning permit consulting experience. Our crews are fully licensed and insured. For plumbing, addition, roofing, or window permits to name just a few – we are the ones to turn to!


We provide services for homeowners, realtors, and title companies. From Miami to Tallahassee with a focus on South Florida, we are the trusted source for closing permits no matter how difficult it may seem.


We will visit the site, pull the public records, get the permits, make the repairs, and get the inspection done! Trust Close Permits Fast to handle any and all problems you are experiencing closing permits and closing the deal!


If you need help closing permits in Palm Beach or Broward County, contact the experts here or call us at (888) 905-4436 for a FREE consultation today!