Why is a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) So Important?

Building a property and watching it evolve to completion is an exciting proposition, but there are specific paperwork and necessary permits required along the way to make it happen. From the contractors to builders and other craftsman involved, building a property or adding on to it requires permits and several inspections to get there. These rules and regulations called “building codes” are in place to ensure that all of the elements that go into building a property remain safe.

Once the building permits are obtained, and the inspections are successfully completed, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) can usually be obtained. This vital document is issued to a builder or contractor after permits are obtained and all of the building inspections such as electrical, plumbing, structural, fire, and mechanical pass.

Simply put, the Certificate of Occupancy certifies that a residential or commercial property is up to code and that it is safe for people to live or work there. You can’t sell your property without it.  If you are thinking about building a property or adding on to property in Broward County, you need a Certificate of Occupancy.

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is Required in the Following Situations:

  • New residential, commercial buildings or structures. Your property or commercial building must pass muster with the proper inspections, etc., before your municipality can declare that your home is safe to be occupied. Your word that your property is safe doesn’t mean very much without the proper paperwork in these situations.
  • New additions to residential or commercial buildings or structures. If you added substantially to the home or commercial property, and you are selling it, chances are you may need to get a certificate of occupancy to sell it. You may also need to make sure that all of the changes you made do not present a building code violation.
  • Repair, remodeling, renovation or interior finishing of any existing residential or commercial building or structures. A large amount of changes to a property can enhance it and even entice a seller to pay you more money for it. However, a heavily renovated building will most likely need a new Certificate of Occupancy to ensure that the building or structure is up to code.

How Can I Get Help to Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy?

A Certificate of Occupancy may take some work to obtain, especially if your permits have expired or you have a code violation. That’s where Close Permits Fast, Inc. comes in. We specialize in helping you close all your permits quickly (within days) with minimal hassle. Once your permits are completed, and the necessary inspections passed, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining your Certificate of Occupancy. We make it much easier for you to get there. A form to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained in Broward County by clicking on the following link https://www.broward.org/Building/Forms/Pages/Building-Code-and-Permits.aspx. Close Permits Fast also specializes in correcting code violations from Broward County to Palm Beach County. We make closing permits and obtaining renewals and builder permits a breeze. Why not call us toll-free at (888) 905-4435 for a free consultation and to find out more?

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