Many Florida homeowners like you have improved their homes by converting their garage to a living space, converting their patio or porch to a livable room or adding an addition, among other home improvements. Unfortunately, if you do this remodeling without getting a permit, your city may consider it an ‘illegal structure’.

If the appraiser or the home inspector sees something in your home that he may deem as an illegal structure, the first thing he will do is pull the permit to see it is permitted or not. If it is not permitted, then the buyer and the seller have to work out the issue.


But don’t worry.

Close Permits Fast, Inc. handles permitting for these illegal structures so they can be made legal again.
The most popular illegal structures in Florida are:

  • Outside porch enclosures
  • Garage conversions
  • Interior renovations
  • Sheds
  • Barns
  • Guest houses ( in law quarters )

We can create the engineering plans you need to get your renovations properly permitted. We have the electrical license, mechanical license, GC license, plumbing license etc. all held IN HOUSE. This is a huge advantage we have over other permitting companies and will speed up your time to approval.

Or the city sees there is a change to your home, you added a garage or added an addition and the city will issue a code violation.

Perhaps you have a Florida porch and you enclose it to make it livable space by putting up walls and putting in windows. Or maybe you did a garage conversion. It was a garage but now you made it a living space.

We will do the architectural plans, we will provide the engineering plans – and what it will take to fix the structure to code. We do it all for you to make it legal again.

We inspect the work to see if it is done properly. If it is done to code, we can close it quickly. If not done to code, we do the work to fix it to code. Payment for each project is case by case. The less work involved, the less it will cost. CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE OR call 888-905-4436.

How Does it Work?

For instance, if you enclose a wall you are supposed to get a framing inspection and a drywall inspection. If you didn’t, we’ll start by cutting out a small area to make sure the framing is good, the drywall is good and the insulation is good. The engineer would then write a letter to certify that the work is done properly without having to tear down the entire wall and redo everything, saving you time and money.

Always need a GC license and then the subcontractor licenses. We issue the permit and the plans. Then we start inspections. Once we have our engineers letter, we can make everything legal. Most other companies don’t have an engineer on staff – they need to reopen your walls and tear things down. We can do things that the other companies can’t.

So don’t wait another day, let Close Permits Fast, Inc. fix your illegal structure situation from making the repairs to getting the documentation through the system so you don’t have to worry about it! CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE or call 888-905-4436.

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