Code Violations in South Florida

Getting a code violation against your home or business can cause a huge financial loss for you and your family. Code Violations can also lead to you not being able to occupy your home or business until the corrections to the violation are made.

When the city comes out to inspect your Broward, Palm Beach or Martin County property, the code enforcement team could give you a code violation for almost anything. They typically give 10 days to apply for permits or they will start fining you. Those costs could be 4x the permit fee! So if the original permit fee was $200 prior to the renovations, the building department for your South Florida city could charge you up to $800.

We understand that this is a stressful time and paying for these violations causes major inconveniences in your day to day life.

But don’t worry!

We specialize in correcting code violations, from Pompano Beach to Palm Beach Gardens, Deerfield Beach to Delray Beach. We have the certified architects, engineers, plumbers and electricians on staff so we don’t have to hire outside contractors – allowing us to get things done much faster.

Shoddy electrical work leads to South Florida code violations

Popular Code Violations in South Florida include:

  • Unpermitted dock
  • Renovating kitchen
  • Renovation bathroom
  • Changing out the cabinets ( remodeling )
  • Windows
  • Adding walls
  • Doors

Who issues code violations?

All the counties in Florida have a code enforcement agency. Their main purpose is to enforce codes and ordinances created by your governing municipalities to keep your community clean and safe. Code enforcement has the ability to place your property in violation for breaking codes and ordinances and force you to pay fees, penalties and fines that can add up if you do not fix the code violations.

How we help you fix a code violation.

Having a code violation on your home or business can be stressful. We empathize with you about doing something to your home you thought was right or even by mistake. We are able to make the corrections to stop a code violation by speaking with the code enforcement agent, pulling a building permit if required and performing the construction if needed.

We have the staff and licensing in house to make it more convenient and fast.

Citied for a bathroom remodeling code violation in Boca Raton? Call us, we’ll close it.

New kitchen renovation or home addition in Palm Beach not up to code? Call us, we’ll take care of it for you.

We specialize in closing these code violations. We supply the certificate of completion in most cases and provide all the documentation once the code violation has been satisfied.

We have the GC license, plumbing license, mechanical license and electrical licenses in-house so we can close things faster on any type of building situation,  code violation or open permit.

Our company only focuses on helping home and business owners clear permit-related issues such as code violations.

We help close the following Code violations:

  • illegal Signs
  • Residential Property Maintenance
  • Unsafe Structures
  • Construction without a Permit
  • Lot Cleaning
  • Houses and accessory structures are required to have functioning: (Roof, Doors, Walls, Fences, Windows, Running Water, Etc.)

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