After the Fact Permits in South Florida

A lot of people in South Florida who do work on their homes, don’t get a permit for it and then when you sell the home, it can be a problem. Perhaps you added a small room addition, like a home office or recording studio, years ago without applying for a permit or perhaps you finished a kitchen that was originally framed out by your builder and you added added wiring, drywall etc. The question becomes, should you obtain an ‘after the fact’ permit for the work once you discover it exists. There is actually a process for obtaining a residential or commercial After the Fact Permit (ATF) for incomplete and completed projects.

Getting an after the fact permit is similar to the process to obtaining a regular permit but there are differences which you should know about and which our team of South Florida permit specialists can help you with. Every South Florida city is different in terms of their rules and regulations, as is every inspector. That’s the advantage of working with Close Permits Fast. We know the permitting procedures and after the fact permit procedures of each city and we also know many of the inspectors which gives you the advantage when you are trying to obtain the proper permit. Remember, it is highly encouraged that you get the input of a professional architect or engineer to confirm that the unpermitted work will likely meet current building codes for your area. If not, the work needs to be taken down immediately. Our team of engineers can advise you and help you with this confirmation. The inspector may also require that additional repairs may be completed to bring the work “up to code”. We can help with this as well. We also have the electrical contractors, plumbing, roofing, and mechanical contractors to obtain the notarized certification letters you will need to attest that your non permitted work permit will comply with the current Florida Building Code.

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