There’s nothing worse than getting started on a home improvement project you are excited for, only to have to pause it due to permits. No matter where you live, there are going to be some rules that need to be followed for home improvement projects. 


The complicated part is that each county varies, making it hard to keep up with the procedures. However, if you start a project, it won’t take long before you figure out if you’re following the county’s code or not. 


If even the tiniest thing is out of place or is not up to the standard, you will likely receive code violations in Florida.


When this happens, it’s best not to panic. Your home improvement project isn’t necessarily incorrect. This situation means you need some help overcoming this obstacle. 

With the Close Permits Fast team, you can get guidance throughout the process and obtain anything you need to continue with your project. To learn more about how we can help you, keep reading!

Building Permit Guidance

One reason you might have received code violations in Florida is a lack of a building permit. To be able to do some home improvement projects, you need a building permit from your county. It may sound like an unnecessary hurdle to jump through to fix up your house; however, it’s a requirement. 


Without this permit, you face violations that come with expensive fines. With a building permit, your or your contractor can continue with your home improvement project. Essentially, this permit means that the local government approved of your changes.

Also, it shows that your changes are within the land, construction, and zoning requirements. However, if your new addition was met with a violation and you are not sure how to get a building permit, our team can help. We guide you through the process and help you obtain the permits you need beforehand to help you avoid further fees.

Project Inspections

Before you get the necessary building permit to continue with your project, you need to undergo some inspections. These inspections evaluate your home and the project you have in mind. 


Without getting these inspections done, there is no way you can obtain the building permit. As we all know now, building permits are necessary to avoid code violations in Florida. But, getting your home and project inspected isn’t as bad as you might think. 


This hurdle is another one that the Close Fast Permits team can assist you with. We work with inspectors and can have one come out to your home. All you have to do is reach out to our team, and we can help you with your code violation problem. 


Once the inspection gets completed, you can move on to the permit acquisition. 

Certificate of Completion or Occupancy

Every situation varies, but you might need to get a certificate of completion or occupancy. A certificate of completion will let the local government know that the structure of the home is complete. 


his completion is usually in regards to how the home functions, such as utilities. However, it varies from county to county.

A certificate of occupancy is usually for those building new residential or commercial properties. You likely will not need to get this one for many home improvement projects. But, the best way to know which certificate to obtain and why is to contact the Close Permits Fast team. 


We can give you insight and let you know which certificate you need. From there, we can help you obtain the certificate. 

Contact Close Permits Fast Today!

Whether you have received one or many code violations in Florida, they begin to get expensive. These violations are no joke and will not stop until you obtain the building permit from the local government, among other documentations. 


However, here at Close Fast Permits, we understand that this process is often stressful and confusing. Many homeowners do not even know they need to obtain a building permit for home improvement projects. 


With that said, we can help you navigate the process and get everything in order. To learn more, or get started, call our team at 888-905-4436.