Everything involved with 2020 has inspired a lot of people to do some remodeling around the house. Whether you finally decided to break the tile on that upgraded bathroom or picked out the new cabinets for the kitchen remodel, one of the first things you will want to do is get permits…right?

Look, the professionals at Close Permits Fast have been doing this for years. We know you have likely been told by a remodeler or handyman that the work you want done will happen faster, and maybe a little cheaper, if you just don’t pull any permits. Or it is possible you intend to do the work yourself. It is your house, after all. Who would even know if you did the work without permits? How bad could it be if you got caught?

Permits exist for everyone’s Safety

It is, of course, your prerogative to not pull permits. But hopefully you are reading this to research everything that decision entails and want to understand the possible consequences of not getting a permit. And the first one of those consequences is a reduction of personal safety.

The reason permits exist is not simply to review the plans. Inspectors will be sent to make sure everything is being done correctly, checking your project for safety during construction. When you hire a contractor, the inspections protect you from anyone cutting corners when it comes to both safety and compliance with local building codes.

What if building permits and inspections didn’t exist?

What if we didn’t review designs, inspect the work and ensure building codes were enforced? You have probably read what happens in the news. Buildings constructed with substandard work or materials crumble to the ground when faced with hurricane forces or an unexpected flood. People lose their shelter or livelihood or lives.

But are there any other impacts of building without permits?

Reduced Resale Value – Most buyers wince at putting an offer on a house after having had renovations done without permits. They either pull the offer entirely or insist you pull the permits after-the-fact (something with which Close Permits Fast can help but) which can be costly…or they’ll simple reduce their offer to offset any potential future issues with the construction. No matter what, saving a little early can cost you a lot later. Something else to consider is, as a seller, you are going to be required to disclose any unpermitted work. If you don’t, the buyer can later sue you for damages, and the courts have a history of siding with them in those cases.

Loan Complications – It is not just about a future sale. If you ever want to refinance your mortgage, an appraiser will be sent out and your unpermitted remodel will be coming to light. This impacts the home’s value (it cannot be properly appraised with non-permitted work) and may possibly disqualify you completely. 

Insurance Liability – If the unpermitted remodeling work causes any damages, your insurance company has a right to refuse payment. So, if your new, unpermitted bathroom floods the entire house, or the wiring from the unpermitted kitchen remodel sparks a fire, however many thousands of dollars in damages could be denied regardless of the coverage you have been paying for this whole time. 

Penalties – People find out. Your neighbor has a bad day and decides to report to the city that suspicious work was being done to your home, or an assessor will notice something unusual during your annual property tax assessment. There’s always something tripping up unpermitted work, and some cities not only require you to apply for the proper permits when they find out, they fine you per day every day until it’s confirmed up to code.

Lost Time – Imagine remodeling without a permit and the city finds out, tells you to either stop the construction or maybe even undo what’s been done…will it have been worth trying to save the time required for proper permitting and inspections? You could end up with literally nothing to show for all the time and money invested.

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