Dealing with home addition permits can be frustrating and complicated because of all the technicalities involved.  

If you are in the State of Florida and require assistance with the closing of permits on code violations, dealing with inspectors, and getting plans and licensing (if you have unknowingly built something illegally) and want to get your permit closed to regain access to your property, Close Permits Fast can help. We are based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida’s premier permit consulting group, and can take care of your permits and licenses.  

You may not realize this, but for homeowners, even minor home additions or improvement projects require a permit! Home additions are common in Florida; people often do it to add space around the house.  

As a homeowner, besides getting a home addition permit, here are a few things you need to take care of if you are planning to add a major or minor addition to your home.  

Tips for Home Addition Projects  

1. Make a Plan and Set a Budget 

During home addition projects, if you don’t have a plan about what you expect the final result to be like, it could create problems for you.  

You need to assess how the home addition project will add value to your home and whether the addition will complement your existing architecture.  

Set a time frame for the project’s completion and ask yourself if the investment is worth it.  

After you have a detailed plan in mind, decide on a budget. It should be realistic and affordable. The home addition won’t be worth it if it requires you to stretch yourself too thin in terms of finances.  

So before approaching an architect or a builder, you should have a rough idea about the hard cost of the project and a contingency number to go along. Your budget should be flexible enough to accommodate variations in property taxes and raw material and utility expenses.  

2. Ensure That Your Neighbours Are On-Board 

You must also ensure that your neighbors are on board and won’t be troubled if your additional space is too close to their space. Even if you are building within your home, the addition should be within the code limits of the State of Florida. It is no fun if you have angry neighbors upset with your addition plans. For peaceful cohabitation, their opinion matters.  

3. Hire an Architect or a Design and Building Team  

You can’t DIY a home addition project unless you have years of building experience. You must hire a team of professionals who can understand your idea and make it a reality. Architects often have a team of builders on board or can refer you to a good team.  

Be creative and open in telling your architect what you want. Creativity makes all the difference when attempting to do a home addition. Take in their feedback well as they have years of experience designing new spaces. Their perspective and opinion matter.  

Research well before choosing your team and ensure that everyone is on the same page before the project begins. This will help you avoid problems later.  

4. Have Realistic Expectations 

We all want perfection in life, but it is not always possible to achieve. Your home addition project may take longer than it’s supposed to, and you may also subsequently increase your budget.  

You may have to leave out some things to accommodate the increase in your budget. The design may not look like you had imagined, but it will be close.  

So, one important piece of advice in home addition is that you need to have a flexible approach towards things like design, time frame, and budget.   


Home addition projects are fun and add immense value to your space. They allow you the creative freedom to have an additional space tailored to your taste and requirements. Homeowners often decide to build a home addition to increase their living space or functionality.  

Before beginning your project, you must ensure that you do not violate any codes and have a home addition permit. At Close Permits Fast, we have over 25 years of experience in permitting. Our team of experienced professionals strives to solve all your permit problems.  

Contact Close Permits Fast today and share with us your requirement and situation. Our team will visit your location for a survey of the area and assess if you can legally go ahead with the home addition project. Once it is clear you can we will then get you a permit so you can implement your plans. We will book you an appointment at the earliest.