Attempting to obtain a permit may not be as easy as it sounds. This may be especially true when your project will cost a lot. This is why it is cost effective to use our permit expediting services.

The purpose of a permit expediting service is to assist in obtaining the necessary building permits from your city hall. The expedite has the experience of understanding the right codes for your project and will advise all who are involved with the project to make approvals faster. When expedited services are sought, required revisions of blueprints will be reviewed between city officials and the expediter.

Not only is it good to hear that we have experience with obtaining expedited permits, but we can also help in several other areas.

Correcting Code Violations

When you think that your project is running smoothly, there may be a chance that it includes a code violation. If this is the case, then it will need to be corrected as soon as possible. At Close Permits Fast, we are able to expedite the process so that a code violation can be corrected fast. We are also able to talk to the enforcement agent to find out what the specific violation was and have a permit pulled for the building.

Close Permits Fast is a leader in correcting any code violation that may occur. The certificate of completion is always supplied as well as any other required documents showing that the violation is corrected. We are able to correct violations concerning general contracting, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing so that a closing of a violation can be accomplished fast.

We concentrate on the business and homeowners ability to correct issues with permitting so that code violations can be cleared fast.

Provide Open Permits

Florida has many open permits. In fact, many of these open permits are expired and are in need of renewal to remain legal. When you need a permit expediter in South Florida, contact us at Close Permits Fast. We can get the open permit rectified.

We help with the following:

  • Having expedited permits fast tracked
  • Processing plans
  • Owner-builder permits
  • Permit extensions
  • Permit revisions
  • Permit renewals
  • Permit submission
  • Permit delivery

Making Illegal Structures Legal Again

If you have been building and you have submitted a permit, but the neighbors do not believe you have one, then our permit pulling services in Florida will be able to pull the permit to prove that your structure is permitted.

Our permit pulling services in Florida can also pull a permit if an inspector sees a potential problem that may lead to an illegal structure. By pulling the permit, we are able to save time because who knows how long the process could take while waiting for the inspector to search for the permit. We will have the permit in hand so that there is no delay on your project.

Get Permitted Today!

When you contact Close Permits Fast, we will have your plans created so that you’re permitted to start. Our process is fast and having the licenses in major areas of construction allows us to expedite the building process. If you need a permit expediter in South Florida, then contact us today.