If you are currently involved in a real estate transaction, whether buying or selling and the property has an open or expired permit, it’s important to have the permit closed as soon as possible. It’s very common to have open permits in Florida that are related to a real estate transaction. It can affect both the home buyer and seller. When faced with this situation, unfortunately, not everyone knows what to do.

We’ll share insights if you’re selling a home and faced with open and expired permits, and what to do when you’ve recently bought a home with a code violation. 

What To Do If You Learn About An Open Permit?

If you are selling your property and have to deal with open permits in Florida, the only time they are easy to fix is when they are recently opened. That way, you can reach out to the contractor, who is likely still in business, and ask that they close the permit. If the permit has been open for several months, or years, this is when challenges arise, because it is more difficult to locate the contractor if s/he is still in business. As a result, before you can sell the property, you must hire a new contractor to inspect the work and close the permit. This can be an expensive and tedious ordeal.

When you contact Close Permits Fast we can help you quickly resolve this problem. We are well trained in the unique field of helping residential property owners throughout Florida resolve their open permits. We have an advantage over other permitting companies because we have in-house contractors who can speed up the process.

What To Do If You Learn About An Expired Permit?

It’s never easy when you must close an expired or open permits in Florida. The process is slow and challenging, especially if you’re handling it on your own. You may end up wasting a lot of time and make costly mistakes along the way. When selling a home to a potential buyer, it’s imperative that things move smoothly and swiftly to prevent the deal from falling apart. If you’re concerned about handling an expired permit on your own, contact Close Permits Fast.

Led by Peter Nunez, we are a fully licensed and insured building and zoning permit consulting company with over 15 years of experience. We encourage anyone who is currently involved with closing a permit in a real estate transaction to seek professional assistance. When it comes to open permits in Florida, again, you may be able to handle it quickly if the company that did the work is still in business. If the permit is open, all it takes is a phone call to the contractor to have the permit reactivated, the work re-inspected, and the permit closed.

However, if you have an expired permit, you may run into a few obstacles since they are typically several years older than open permits. This can cause major problems when trying to sell a property. It’s imperative that you find a fully licensed and insured building and zoning permit consulting company, like Close Permits Fast. Our team has spent years in this field, helping customers just like you.

What To Do With Code Violations?

What happens if you have purchased a home with a code violation? Are you responsible to pay for it? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It’s up to the home buyer to make sure the home they are purchasing has no code violations or open permits.

Code violations aren’t to be taken lightly. If you were issued a code violation, it’s important that you act fast to correct it. In general, you only have 30 days to correct the violation. Otherwise, your file will be sent to the magistrate, where you will incur exorbitant daily fines. When faced with this situation, the easiest solution is to hire a permit consultant company, especially one that has an in-house staff to help get your structure up to code.

At Close Permits Fast, we have the contractors and the licenses to get the job done, including electrical, mechanical, GC, and plumbing licenses. We will complete and then inspect the work to ensure it’s up to code – then we’ll close it quickly. Contact us today for a free quote or call 888-905-4436.