The new year is the perfect time to buy or build a home. You can build a home that includes all the features you want with help from a team. Buying a new home is a little easier and often takes less time because you don’t need to wait on a construction crew. Both buying and building often require some permits from your area to cover the construction or any changes you want. Find out some of the things that can delay your permits and how you can get them easier.

Waiting Too Long

Most cities require that you apply for a permit. The longer that you wait to apply, the longer it will take to get your permit. It can take several weeks or longer until you get approval and can begin the project. Try to plan ahead of time to save yourself some frustration. You may also want to work with a company like Close Permits Fast that can handle the paperwork for you.

Incomplete Details

Your application must include details about the project, such as who will do the work and what you plan to do. If you want to add a deck to your home, you need to describe what it will look like and its overall size. Many cities also require permits for homeowner projects like adding a second bathroom or an addition to the back of the house. Any details missing from your application will delay the process. You may even need to redo the application to get your open permits.

Check the Codes Laws

To close permits quickly, homeowners should check their local codes. The building codes refer to the regulations that relate to the building itself. You may need to change the size of an addition because it is too large or change your electrical panel to provide more power. Building codes can also relate to older homes that are not up to date. Before you put in an offer, get an inspection to make sure the house is up to code. You may need to open permits to change its electrical or plumbing system.

Know the Local Laws

Never begin working on a project unless you obtain the right permits for homeowner projects first. If the city finds that you did any work before you received approval, you may need to start over again. You also face some big fines. Another issue is that the building inspector may spend more time looking for issues with your project because they think you cut corners. Local building laws play a big role in what you can and cannot do. Most cities also have zoning laws that prevent people from running a business out of their homes or using their homes as rental properties.

Whether you want to open or close permits, you need help from someone who is familiar with local laws and codes. They can help you avoid the delays that others have faced. Reach out to Close Permits Fast today to get the permits that you need in less time.